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Financial Information

Here you can find information about our prospectus and annual reports


We finance our activities by issuing covered bonds with medium and long maturities in the Swedish covered bond market. Issuances will be of varying sizes. 

Here you can find information about Danske Hypotek's covered bond prospectus.

Swedish Covered Benchmark Programme
Base Prospectus 2017
Supplement no. 1 2018
Supplement no. 2 2018
Supplement no. 3 2019
Supplement no. 4 2019
Supplement no. 5 2020
Base Prospectus 2020
Supplement no. 1 2020
Supplement no. 2 2021
Base Prospectus 2021
Supplement no. 1 2021

EMTCN Programme
EMTCN Prospectus

Company documents
Danske Hypotek Articles of Association
Memorandum of Association

Read about Danske Hypotek's commitments to S&P here.

Press releases