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Outstanding Benchmark Covered Bonds

BondISINCurrencyAmount (MSEK)Coupon (%)MaturityFinal Terms
DH2312SE0011116474SEK14 2001,00%20-12-2023Link
DH2412SE0012621852SEK23 7501,00%18-12-2024Link
DH2512SE0013877214SEK25 0501,00%17-12-2025Link
DH2612SE0015987540SEK27 8500,50%16-12-2026Link
DH2712 SE0018537284SEK 13 3503,50%15-12-2027Link
DH2812 SE0020053767SEK17 3503,50%20-12-2028Link
TOTAL121 550

Note: data as of 2023-09-30

Cover pool assets

Note: data as of 2023-06-30.
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